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The project has been withdrawn by the project applicant. Should a new project be proposed at the site, the project website will be updated.

Project Information and Location 
The project site is located off Stevens Canyon Road, approximately 200 feet south of the intersection of Stevens Canyon Road and Ricardo Road immediately south of existing residences on Ricardo Road (APNs 351-10-028 and -043; and project-related parcels: APNs 356-27-026, 356-05-005, 356-05-007, and 356-05-008). For purposes of meeting its obligation to provide Below Market Rate Housing, the project may include such housing at an off-site location on a 0.6 acre property at 19160 Stevens Creek Boulevard (APN 375-07-001), approximately 250 west of S. Tantau Drive.

Application Nos.: EA-2014-04, GPA-2014-01, Z-2014-02, DA-2014-01, DP-2014-03, ASA-2014-04, TM-2014-02, TR-2014-14

Project Description
The project applicant is requesting approval of a General Plan Amendment, Rezoning, Tentative Map and Lot Line Adjustment to subdivide a 42.4-acre site into the Residential Parcel (8.5 acres) and Corridor Parcel (4.1 acres), and a remainder “Park” Property (29.8 acres) that would be merged with parcels to the east that was previously an old quarry site. The project also would further subdivide the Residential parcel into 18 residential lots and two common area parcels for a proposed 18-unit single-family residential Planned Development. Approval of a Development Permit, Architectural and Site Approval, Development Agreement, and Tree Removal Permit(s) is also requested for the proposed development and for the removal and replacement of over 130 protected trees on the Residential Parcel.

The General Plan land use designation of the Residential and Corridor Parcels are proposed to be amended from Very Low Density (5-20 Acre Slope Density Formula) to: Low Density (1-5 DU/Ac) (Residential Parcel) and Riparian Corridor (Corridor Parcel). The zoning districts of the Residential and Corridor Parcels are proposed to be changed from RHS (Residential Hillside) to: Planned Single-Family Residential Development with a minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet (P(R1-10)) (Residential Parcel); and OS, Open Space (Corridor Parcel). A General Plan change from Very Low Density (5-20 Acre Slope Density Formula) to Parks and Open Space is also proposed for a small property currently part of the Deep Cliff Golf Course, referred to as Property 1 (portion of APN 356-05-008), and the rezoning of Property 1 from RHS (Residential Hillside) to FP-o (Private Recreation-outdoor).

The proposed project also includes the applicant’s offer to dedicate various parcels of land and some easements to the City of Cupertino or other agencies for trails and a parking lot on several parcels to the north and east of the 42.4-acre site. The proposed project would not commit the City of Cupertino to accept these dedications. The land and easement dedications for the trails and parking lot could allow for the future construction of trails on several parcels and a parking lot near Linda Vista Park to accommodate up to 12 parking spaces. These offers of dedication would be included in a Development Agreement between the project applicant and the City of Cupertino subject to the final approval of the City Council. 

Environmental Review
An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be prepared for the Parkside Trails Residential Project in conformance with the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The City previously prepared an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) to address the potential impacts of the Proposed Project. Based on public comments that the City received in response to the IS/MND, the City elected to further prepare this EIR to address the potential impacts of implementing the proposed Parkside Trails Residential Project and to provide answers to the specific questions raised in comments on the IS/MND.

A Notice of Preparation (NOP) of a Draft EIR was circulated on March 3, 2015. The purpose of the NOP is to inform interested parties and agencies of the intent to prepare an EIR and to take comments on the scope and content of the environmental information to be addressed in the document.

Notice of Preparation
NOP/Scoping Comment Letters

Upcoming Public Meetings/Hearings
Please check back periodically for upcoming meetings. 

Project-Related Documents
Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration
Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration
Parkside Trails Initial Study
Appendix A - Parkside Trails Feasibility Study
Appendix B - Community Risk Assessment
Appendix C - Biological Resources Report
Appendix D - Tree Survey
Appendix E - Geotechnical Investigation
Appendix F - Hazardous Material Studies
Appendix G - C3 Stormwater Management Plan
Appendix H - Stormwater Management Modeling
Appendix I - Hydrogeologic Assessment
Appendix J - Noise Assessment
Appendix K - Intersection Analysis
Appendix L - Sight Distance Analysis
Appendix M - Pedestrian Analysis

2014 Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration Comments:
Parkside Trails Comment Letters 1-24
Parkside Trails Comment Letters 25-45 

Past Meetings 
August 12, 2012
Applicant-sponsored Community Meeting
Quinlan Community Center, Cupertino Room

March 26, 2014 Applicant-sponsored Community Meeting
Rancho Deep Cliff Town Homes Clubhouse – Community Room

August 11, 2014 Environmental Review Committee meeting for draft MND/Initial Study
EOC Room, City Hall

March 26, 2015 Public Scoping Meeting
Cupertino Community Hall
Scoping Meeting Presentation

Parkside Trail Location Map

Parkside Trail Project - Location Map


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