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  • Press Releases
    • Cupertino Adds Pedestrian Crossing Flags!
      • As part of the Safe Routes 2 School program, Cupertino has joined cities across the country and implemented pedestrian crossing flags at several locations. These crossing flags, created by the Public Works Department, have been added to increase visibility for pedestrians as they cross intersections where there are no crossing guards. Photos are attached. The City is piloting these flags at five intersections near schools and plans to expand to more locations pending the program’s success. To use a crossing flag, a pedestrian simply picks the flag out of its holder, waves it above their head signaling to drivers an intention to cross, crosses the street still holding the flag, and deposits the flag at the next canister after crossing.  The flags are now available at the following intersections:

        ·         McClellan Rd. and Linda Vista Dr.

        ·         McClellan Rd. and Byrne Ave.

        ·         McClellan Rd. and Orange Ave.

        ·         Finch Ave. and Phil Ln.

        ·         Tilson Ave. and Tantau Ave.

    • Crossing Guard of the Month- December 2016
Xguard of the Month- Dec.16
      • Cupertino Safe Routes 2 School recognizes Cheng Ming as our first Crossing Guard of the Month! Mr. Ming works hard to protect our community's pedestrians day in and day out and for his hard work and dedication to community service was selected as Crossing Guard of the Month for December 2016. Mr. Ming was interviewed about his work as crossing guard and his responses are as follows:
      • 1)      Is it okay for me to record this interview?

        Sure, no problem.


        2)      You’ve been recognized as Cupertino’s first ever Crossing Guard of the Month! How do you feel?

        I feel that it’s my honor. I’m really happy about it.


        3)      Why did you decide to become a crossing guard?

        Because I like to serve the community. Since I’ve retired and I have been a volunteer for my whole life so the last five years I was volunteering in the hospital in the Bay Area. I decide to be a crossing guard and other times I volunteer in the hospital. I like the kids so I protect the kids when they’re in the street. The kids often say “Thank You” and I feel great.


        4)      What’s your favorite part of your job?

        The job is with kids crossing the street. They say “thank you” to me and even give me some little gifts. The parents and kids give me a little gift card or some food or other kind things. I feel the importance of engaging with the children and parents. We’re not only working but we’re engaging so they know me, we know each other, we talk to each other and say “good morning”. They also say “thank you” and they know who I am. I feel- it’s a big plus for the community. I like the community- Cupertino is a nice community, it’s great. I feel when some people see children crossing the street the parents feel comfortable and the kids feel comfortable. I feel great.


        5)      What’s your least favorite part of your job?

        Least favorite part is, for example, when I’ve been waiting a long time and it’s my turn (to cross the kids) and the light is green and I’m far away and have to come all the way back. Also when I have to deal with a lot of traffic, so I have to plan to leave earlier. I have to say ‘okay this is 10 minutes away and I have to leave 20 minutes before because of traffic delay on the way. Also, I will add something- sometimes I see some cars just want to- they’re too busy, too hurried, they don’t want to wait for my sign. They just try to go through (my STOP sign). They think it’s a little action but it’s not safe. No matter how hurried you are, the kids are first, don’t take a chance. We can’t afford for an accident to happen. It’s just a delay- if you’re late then you’re late, so what?


        6)      Do you have any messages for the drivers that you interact with on a daily basis?

        If you pass the intersection and kids are going across the street, slow down! Let kids go first. Don’t make your own judgments.



        7)      Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

        All I have to say is again I like the community, the Bay Area. I have lived so many places in the United States and since I moved here I like it here. I wish everyone a happy holiday season.

    • Cupertino Adopts 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan!
      • In a show of support for the bicycle community, City Council adopted an updated Bicycle Transportation Plan ("2016 Bike Plan") on June 21, 2016 and allocated $2.0 million to jump start its implementation. Last revised in 2011, the 2016 Bike Plan encourages bicycling as a safe, practical, and healthy alternative to the motor vehicle. One of the main focuses of the plan is to increase safety through the presence of physical separations between bike lanes and cars (Class IV bike lanes) and prioritizing our Safe Routes 2 School Program by enhancing residential to school connectivity. Thanks to everyone who came to community feedback meetings and showed support along the way to make this possible!
      • 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan Press Release
      • 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan 

  • Cupertino Courier
  • Cupertino Scene
    • The Cupertino Scene publishes ongoing articles about our Safe Routes to School program and different transportation infrastructure improvements to City streets. Every resident of Cupertino receives a copy of the Scene in their mailbox. Feel free to stop by City Hall and pick up an extra copy!  To find the Scene Newsletter Archives, click here:
  • Silicon Valley Impressions
  • C- Magazine
    • The Cupertino Daily, nicknamed the 'C-Magazine' printed a short advertisement about Cupertino SR2S in their Winter 2016 edition. More about the C-Magazine here: 
  • Spare The Air Youth Blog
    • Spare the Air Youth, a program sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, recently interviewed Chelsea Biklen, our Safe Routes to School Coordinator about the program and why she believes it will make a difference. Please click on the link below to read what she said:
  • Monta Vista High School's "El Estoque"
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