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Parking Regulations

When considering the rules of the road, perhaps more training and attention is focused on the act of operating a moving vehicle than the simple act of where and how to park. Parking our cars is often overlooked but is an equally important component in our responsibility as safe drivers. Improperly parked cars can create safety hazards for other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. At a minimum, improperly parked vehicles can be issued expensive citations that range between $35 and $336. This brief overview is intended to be a reminder of some of the more common parking violations and conditions that all drivers should be familiar with.

Parking Sign - Permit Parking Only Permit Parking Zones
Throughout the City there are various neighborhoods that have permit parking. These zones are typically near schools and other popular venues where parked cars spill into the neighboring streets diminishing parking for residents and their guests. Permit parking zones vary by restricted days and times; however, signs are clearly posted for drivers indicating the specific day/s and times when parking requires a residential parking permit. Vehicles found parked without permits in residential permit parking zones are subject to citation.

alt=Parking During Street Sweeping
To comply with California State clean water requirements, the City of Cupertino utilizes street sweeping to remove dirt and other waste from the gutters. To facilitate an effective street cleaning program, residents are urged to remove their parked vehicles from the street during their designated sweeping days. Some neighborhoods have no parking signs posted indicating the day and time of the street sweeping and vehicles parked on the street during the restricted times are subject to citation. To find out the designated days and times for street cleaning in your neighborhood, visit the street sweeping info section. 

Other Miscellaneous Parking Laws

  • Painted curb designation:
    • Red: No parking any time. Parking Sign - Handicap Parking
    • Yellow: Commercial loading zone. Twenty minute limited parking for loading / unloading passengers and or materials.
    • White: Passenger loading zone. Three minute limited parking for loading / unloading passengers.
    • Green: Restricted parking zone. Twelve minute limited parking between 7 am and 6 pm Monday- Saturday.
  • Vehicles must be parked within 18” of the right hand curb, facing the same direction of traffic.
  • Vehicle repair on the street is prohibited.
  • Vehicles may not be parked for longer than 72 consecutive hours without being moved.
  • Vehicles may not be parked obstructing the sidewalk or on the planting strip (landscaped area between the sidewalk and street).
  • Vehicles must be parked at least fifteen feet from a fire hydrant, unless curb markings indicate otherwise.

The above information is by no means an exhaustive list of all parking violations but does comprise some of the more common ones. If you have additional questions, please contact the Code Enforcement Division at 408.777.3182 or by e-mail at

Last updated: 5/8/2015 2:11:56 PM