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Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Did you know energy use produces 55% percent of the City's community wide greenhouse gas emissions?  

Help Cupertino reach its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 15% below 2010 levels by upgrading to efficient and renewable energy alternatives and engaging in energy conserving practices. To get started saving money and energy, take advantage of these programs:

Business Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Home Energy Efficiency & Conservation
  • Energy Upgrade California: Lower your utility bills and make your home more comfortable by upgrading to a more energy-efficient home. You could be eligible for $1,000-$6,500 in rebates and a $300 home assessment.  
    • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Toolkit: Check out a DIY Home Energy Saving Toolkit from the Cupertino Library like you would check out a book. The toolkit is stocked with free items to install in your home -- CFLs, faucet aerators, a low-flow showerhead,  weather stripping, a clothesline and more!
    • ENERGY STAR® Products & Appliances: Replace your energy hog appliances with energy-efficient options with the ENERGY STAR® label. 
    • Visit for energy saving tips!
    Renewable Energy
    • Solar Water Heating: The average household uses 644 gallons of hot water a day for dishwashing, laundry, and showers. Heating takes energy and costs money. Get a solar water heater and save 50-80% on water heating costs. May be eligible for rebates. 
    • Solar Photovoltaics (PV): For a checklist on obtaining a PV permit from Cupertino Building, visit Building Forms and Policies

    Green Building
    • Green Building Ordinance: All new buildings and structures, additions, renovations, and tenant improvements where California Green Building Standards Code are applicable must meet these requirements. 
    • LEED: Seek Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for your building. LEED-certified buildings are resource efficient and range from certified to platinum levels. 
    Funding & Financial Assistance


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