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Planning Application Form - Use for all non-residential applications. Contains a list of all fees charged by the Planning Department. Also contains information required by the Public Works Department for meeting the C3 requirements for water retention on site etc. Use this form for fence and sign exceptions.

Two-Story& Residential Design Review Application - Use this form to apply for two-story planning permits. Please note that you need to apply for a building permit with the Building Department once you get this permit. Please also note that no changes to the exterior elevations should be made once your planning permit is approved without first consulting the Planning Department.

Minor Residential Application Form- Use this form for extension of a legal non-conforming wall, projecting in to a required rear-yard setback, gable ends taller than 17 feet (up to 20 feet), solar projects that do not meet the setback or height requirements, second story decks, or total floor area ratio over 35% on lots with development on building pads/graded areas with slopes greater than 20%.

R1 Exceptions Form -  Use this form to apply for exceptions to any of the R1 Ordinance requirements.

Collection Facility Application Form - Use this form for small collection facilities and reverse vending machines.

Temporary Sign Permit Form - Use this form to apply for a temporary sign, banner, etc.

Tree Removal Application Form - Use this form to apply for tree removals of protected trees.

Fence Approval Form - Use this form to obtain permission from neighbors to build an eight foot fence where a six foot fence is allowed.

Privacy Protection Diagram - use this informational handout as a guideline to determine where to plant privacy landscaping on your site

Privacy Protection Planting Waiver  - Use this form to obtain waivers from neighbors, if they are willing to waive the privacy protection requirements.

Instructions for recordation of covenants - Read these carefully and follow these directions before you ask for final inspections.

Privacy Protection Landscape Affidavit - Use this form to get a landscape architect/arborist to vouch that you have planted the privacy trees in accordance to the requirements of the R1 Ordinance and the approved plans.

Water Efficiency Checklist - Appendix A to Chapter 14.15. Use this form for your landscape project submittal. Submit only this form and landscape area calculation if your landscape area is under 2,500 s.f. If your landscape area is over 2,500 s.f., submit a complete landscape project submittal. See Chapter 14.15 - Landscape Ordinance for complete information. Xeriscaping information can be found here.

Appeal Form - Use this form to appeal a project. Please submit the form, along with required fees, to the City Clerk's Office. 

C3 & LID Forms 12-1-2011 - Provided by the Public Works Department, Environmental Services


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