Electronic Plan Submittal

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For a successful electronic plan submittal, please follow these format requirements. An electronic plan review will not begin until the submittal meets these requirements.


Bring the following non-returnable items to the Building Counter.

1. USB drive with files of the project drawing and supporting documents as follows:

  • Place all files on the root folder; do not use sub-folders.

  • Only files for the current submittal are to be provided.

2. One set of full drawings (If Fire Department review is required).  We are working with the Fire Department so that they can review plans electronically as well. In the meantime, please ask us if your plans have to be reviewed by the Fire Department.


Follow the formatting requirements outlined below.

1. PDF - Digital plans and documents must be PDF.

  • Drawing Files: Each sheet/page of the drawing shall be uploaded as a separate file and in landscape view. Drawing files will be reject if uploaded as a multi-page document or incorrect orientation.

  • Supporting Document Files: All files required as part of the application submission, other than drawing files, e.g., Soil Reports, Structural Calculations, Energy Calculations, Calgreen Checklist, and Special Inspection Form, shall be uploaded individual multipage documents.

2. File Naming Conventions - All drawing files must be named as follow: SHEET NUMBER – SHEET TITLE. Use  UPPERCASE and hyphens only.

3. Unsecured setting - Choose “unsecured” on your security settings so that plan reviewers may mark up the documents or create notes.

Planning: planning@cupertino.org or 408-777-3308
Building: building@cupertino.org or 408-777-3228

Thank you for your help in reducing our environmental impact and improving customer service!