Location: 23500 Cristo Rey Drive
Applicant: Mary Elizabeth O’Connor
Property Owner: Rancho San Antonio Retirement Housing Corporation
Architect: Smithgroup JJR
City Contact: Catarina Kidd, catarinak@cupertino.org


Links for the draft EIR are available here:

Chapters 1-3 Introduction/Summary/Project Description

Chapter 4 Environmental Evaluation

Chapters 5-7 Alternatives/Conclusions/Organizations & Persons Consulted

Appendix A Initial Study

Appendix B NOP and scoping comments

Appendix C Air Quality

Appendix D Health Risk Assessment

Appendix E Biological Resources Data

Appendix F Geotechnical Data

Appendix G Hazards & Hazardous Materials Part 1 of 4

Appendix G Hazards & Hazardous Materials Part 2 of 4

Appendix G Hazards & Hazardous Materials Part 3 of 4

Appendix G Hazards & Hazardous Materials Part 4 of 4

Appendix H Preliminary Grading

Appendix I Noise

Appendix J Transportation

The 45-day public review period for the Draft EIR will start on Friday, December 15, 2017 and end on Monday, January 29, 2018.  The Draft EIR is available for review at the City’s website at (www.cupertino.org), at the Community Development Department counter, and the Cupertino Library. A public hearing to receive comments on the the Draft EIR will be held before the Environmental Review Committee on January 18, 2018  from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the Cupertino City Hall, 10300 Torre Avenue, Conference Room C.

Comments on the Draft EIR are due no later than the close of the 45-day review period at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, January 29, 2018.  Please send your written comments to CatarinaK@cupertino.org with “The Forum EIR” as the subject. Public agencies providing comments are asked to include a contact person for the agency.


Application Summary:

The Forum at Rancho San Antonio is a continuing care retirement community that currently exists on a 51.5-acre site at 23500 Cristo Rey Drive. The proposed project includes renovations and additions to the existing facilities as well as new buildings resulting in 25 new independent living villas, 10 new beds and 45,000 square feet of renovations and additions to the skilled nursing facility, 10,500 square feet of renovations to the assisted living facility, 26 new beds in a 39,000-square-foot new memory care building, and 27,000 square feet of renovations and additions to the commons facilities (dining, fitness and multi-purpose room). In total, the proposed project includes 39,755 square feet of renovation, 43,017 square feet of new additions, and 95,336 square feet of new buildings.