Compost Site

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The City of Cupertino offers free bulk compost to allcompost site Cupertino residents at the City’s compost site. The compost is made from food and yard waste collected from Cupertino’s organics recycling program. Access our Compost Site Flyer

2017 Schedule & Hours of Operation

The compost site is open and will operate Fridays and Saturdays between 8am-12pm through Saturday, October 28, 2017. Please note that rainy weather or muddy conditions at the site will cause the site to be closed. To check the status call 408.777.1320.


12100 Stevens Canyon Rd across from Stevens Creek Reservoir dam parking lot

Loading the Compost

  • Compost can be loaded into any of the following:
  • The bed of a resident’s pickup truck (Be sure to bring a tarp that can cover the compost. You could be cited by the CHP if you are transporting uncovered loose materials)
  • A heavy tarp spread in the trunk of a car
  •  An empty trash can
  • Please bring your own heavy plastic garbage bags.