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Fiscal Year July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017


Where does the City get its money?

Total City revenues for Fiscal Year 2016-17are expected to be $149,550,233 — an increase of $50,751,963 or 51% from the prior year’s revenues. Revenues by fund for the City are projected as follows:


General Fund
Pays for core services like public safety, parks and recreation, community development, and public works. Revenue for this fund comes primarily from property and sales tax, franchise fees, and charges for services.


Special Revenue Fund
Accounts for the proceeds of special revenue sources legally restricted to expenditures for  specific purposes.
Debt Service Fund  Pays principal, interest and associated administrative costs incurred with the issuance of debt instruments.

Capital Projects Fund
Pays for the acquisition and construction of major capital facilities from General Fund revenues.


Enterprise Fund
Pays for specific services that are funded directly by fees charged for goods or services.


Internal Service Fund
Pays for goods or services provided amongst City departments or governments on a cost reimbursement basis. 
Revenues by Fund 2016

Property Taxes
For every dollar collected in property taxes, agencies receive a portion per the following breakdown:Property Tax Distribution 2016



Sales Taxes 

For every dollar you spend, you are taxed 8.75 cents. Agencies receive a portion in the following breakdown:
Sales Tax Distribution 2016

How does the City spend its money?
Final Budget Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 were adopted at $133,232,350 an increase of $14,666,712 or 12% from the prior year’s Final Budget. The City allocates appropriations by department as follows:

 Expenditure by Dept 2016

distribution by department 2016

10 years staffing 2016

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