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Mobile 95014
City of Cupertino's Mobile 95014 app offers latest listing of Cupertino news and events as well as local parks, school and recreation offering in the city. This app showcases environmental services like street sweeping, recycling and community services like Block Leaders and Neighborhood Watch programs. Users can contact their City Council members, city officials and learn about public safety. The app users can sign up to receive street sweeping notifications to remove their cars from street on their street sweeping day and find out their recycling and trash pickup day. The app also offers links to City of Cupertino’s social media sites. 

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Cupertino 311 App
Through the cupertino 311 mobile application, Residents are able to report issues in their Community to the city to address such as Graffiti, potholes, and more. The application Uses geotagging to automatically capture the 
Address where the issue is located.