How Can I Learn More?

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Bike Education Videos from the League of American Bicyclists

Safe Drop-offs and Suggested Routes Maps

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Walk Audit Reports 

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What is a Sharrow?
A: Road markings used to indicate a shared lane environment for bicyclists and automobiles. More information is available at NACTO

How can I learn more about proper signaling?
A: Watch the video above titled "Signaling" or contact for more information. 

How can our school bring more bike rodeos to our site?
A: Contact or to schedule a bike rodeo. Talk to your school administration beforehand to come up with some possible dates to host the event. 

Where can I go for bike repairs?
A: Visit a local bike shop (Chain Reactions, Evolution Bike Shop, Cupertino Bike Shop) or contact the Bay Area Bike Mobile for free repairs!

How can I get more involved with Cupertino Safe Routes 2 School?
A: Come to a Working Group Meeting! These are held once a month at City Hall. Consult Cupertino Safe Routes 2 School for the meeting schedule. If you can't make meetings, email to get involved in other ways.