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Cupertino Poet Laureate, Where Art Thou? 

Poet Laureate LogoPoet Laureate is an honorary volunteer position sponsored by the City of Cupertino and seated in its public library. Sponsors and support network include the Library Commission, Friends of the Cupertino Library, and the Cupertino Library Foundation. The Poet Laureate is a practicing poet with professional recognition and a talent for performance. The Poet Laureate is expected to host public events that promote the literary arts in our community and inspire creativity in all residents. Such events might include poetry contests, writing workshops, lectures and public readings, etc. The Poet Laureate works in collaboration with the city, sponsors, and support network to schedule and promote events.

Do you love poetry and all that it represents? Then apply to become the next Cupertino Poet Laureate : Poet Laureate Application

What's Happening 

McClellan Nature Series

Start your New Year "Outdoors and with Poetry" Nature Poetry Sessions at 

McClellan Ranch Preserve (MRP) – Environmental Education Center

Starts February 1, culminates April 8, 2017

Join Cupertino Poet Laureate Ann Muto. Be a part of poetic history.

Participants are asked to register as soon as possible for each workshop, allowing time for confirmation since space is limited.  Reserve your spot by emailing:

For more information on McClellan Nature Series 2017

Upcoming Events

Poet Laureate and Library Teen Slam Series

Teen Poetry Contest

ann mutoCity of Cupertino Names Fourth Poet Laureate 
Ann Muto to Enrich Cultural Interaction of Community

Ann Muto comes to this community role with experience as a poet, teacher and avid volunteer. She has a BA in Social Sciences from Berkeley, a Credential in Elementary Education, and a Masters in Administration and Higher Education from San Jose State. Her book, Open Passage, was published by the Japanese American Museum of San Jose in 2010. Ann found insights to her many questions about her family’s history while volunteering at the museum. Her love of nature is reflected in her poetry and her founding and activities of the Point Lobos Docent Poetry Interest Group.

Ann was born in a War Relocation Authority Camp during World War II. After her family’s return to California, they settled in Salinas. She met her husband at Berkeley, and they have one grown daughter. The Santa Clara Valley has been her home since 1970, where she worked in public education for 28 years as a teacher and administrator.

Archived Information

Amanda WilliamsenCity of Cupertino Third Poet Laureate- Amanda Williamsen

Amanda Williamsen came from rural roots in Ohio to the heart of bustling Silicon Valley, but one thing never changed: her passion for poetry. Amanda Williamsen, has lived in Cupertino for almost 10 years, had an extensive journey to end up not only in Cupertino but also as the city's third poet laureate. 

"I feel very lucky," she said of being selected. "I think that I am just one of many people that the city might have chosen. And I'm sure that when my term is over, many other talented people will be able to do this, too." 


City of Cupertino Second Poet Laureate- Jennifer Swanton Brown

Cupertino Poet Laureate - Jennifer Swanton Brown

The City Council of Cupertino unanimously approved the recommendation of the Cupertino Library Commission naming Jennifer Swanton Brown as the second Poet Laureate of Cupertino. Her term was October 1st, 2013-September 30th, 2015, a two year period. David Denny, the City’s first Poet Laureate fulfilled a “very successful” first term, engaging all ages of the community in poetry.

Brown “has many ideas about increasing poetry knowledge, enjoyment and participation in Cupertino.” The experience of writing and publishing poems as a school girl “was transformative, and something I believe I can offer the children of our community.” She will also focus on international styles of poetry. “A community as diverse as Cupertino should celebrate the ancient and varied poetic traditions of its citizens’ literature and cultures,” notes Brown.

“I am delighted to be chosen to promote poetry in my home town” said Brown, an educator, writer, and long-time teacher of California Poets in the Schools. “Cupertino has given this community a powerful opportunity to explore together, young and old, the values of imagination and creativity. My favorite inspirational quote is attributed to Picasso, but it applies to poets and all creative experience: ‘Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.’ Becoming the second Cupertino Poet Laureate will give me a chance to work with so many and hopefully to inspire some!”


Cupertino's First Poet Laureate

Poet Laureate Logo

David Denny served as Cupertino's inaugural Poet Laureate (2011-2013). Through a variety of public events for youth, teens and adults, he brought people together (some new to the art of poetry and some seasoned writers) to share and celebrate creativity. Coffeehouse readings, events with other local laureates, a citywide contest, and poetry writing workshops were a few of the happenings that Denny sponsored as ways to engage our diverse community and encourage literary expression. As Denny said near the end of his term, "It's been such a pleasure to bring the literary arts to the forefront of our community. Cupertino is a great city, and it has been my honor to serve its residents in this capacity. Keep scribbling everybody".

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