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Vallco Specific Plan Update: City Council Decision

Post Date:09/20/2018

Last night, the Cupertino City Council adopted the Vallco Town Center Specific Plan in a 3-2 vote.

The discussion began at the Council’s September 18, 2018, public meeting. It included a staff presentation followed by consultant presentations, owner statement, Council questions, and public comment period where 72 people spoke.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 a.m., after the last public comment, with Council reconvening on September 19, 2018, at 5 p.m. to continue discussion of the item. Council asked questions regarding the EIR, Specific Plan and development agreement, which were answered by staff and consultants.

The following is a summary of the development program and community benefits within the development agreement:



(with "community benefits
density bonus")
(Vallco Property Owner, LLC)

Maximum Residential

(Number of units)


Minimum Commercial/Retail

(Square feet)


Minimum Civic/Cultural

Uses (Square feet)




Maximum Office (Square feet)


Maximum Office Amenity

Space (Square feet)


Maximum Hotel

(Number of rooms)


Minimum Public (on ground)

Open Space (Acres)



Community Benefits List:

  • Performing Arts Center – Vallco would either, at City’s option: (i) build and lease to City a 60,000 square foot “warm shell” space suitable for a performing arts center (PAC), or (ii) pay the City a $22,800,000 in lieu payment.
  • City Hall – Vallco would either (i) demolish the existing City Hall building and then build and deliver to City a 40,000 square foot “warm shell” new City Hall including underground parking, substantially consistent with the City’s 2015 civic center master plan, or (ii) pay the City a $30,000,000 in lieu payment.
  • School District Benefits –
    • FUHSD - Vallco would commit to either (i) build and lease to FUHSD a 25,000 square foot “warm shell” space, or (ii) pay FUHSD a $9,500,000 in lieu payment, with terms to be set forth in a separate agreement to be entered into between Developer and FUHSD.
    • CUSD – Vallco would make a payment to CUSD in the amount of $14,250,000 pursuant to a separate agreement, which would decrease to $9,500,000 if there is a challenge to the Project.
  • Affordable Housing – Vallco would agree that 20% of the residential units would be provided as affordable housing at the following percentages:15% at extremely low, very low and low income levels and 5% at moderate income level.
  • Transportation Benefits –
    • Vallco would implement a TDM Program.
    • Vallco would pay $11 million to City to fund work in connection with the Wolfe Road/I-280 and the Junipero Serra Bike/Pedestrian Trail.This would decrease to $5.5 million if there is a challenge to the Project.
    • Vallco would fund up to $1 Million for a 1-year pilot shuttle program and, if successful $750,000 thereafter for 9 years, which would decrease if there is a challenge to the Project.
    • Vallco would provide a mobility/bike hub within the project.

For more information on the Vallco Specific Plan, visit