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Four Referendum Petitions Have Been Accepted For Filing With The Registrar Of Voters

Post Date:10/31/2018 1:37 pm

All four referendum petitions regarding the Vallco Town Center Specific Plan filed with the Cupertino City Clerk’s Office on October 29, 2018, have been accepted for filing with the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters. The City Clerk’s Office has determined through examination that the number of signatures on the petitions, prima facie, equals or exceeds the minimum number of signatures required:

  • Resolution No. 18-085 regarding a General Plan amendment for the Specific Plan received 5,141 signatures prima facie out of 2,888 required
  • Resolution No. 18-086 regarding the Specific Plan received 4,332 signatures prima facie out of 2,888 required
  • Ordinance No. 18-2178 regarding rezoning parcels received 4,337 signatures prima facie out of 2,888 required
  • Ordinance No. 18-2179 regarding the Development Agreement received 4,333 signatures prima facie out of 2,888 required

The petitions have been filed today (October 31, 2018) with the Registrar of Voters, which will have 30 business days for full examination of the signatures.

If certified, the petitions will be brought to the Cupertino City Council for a decision, which could include:

  • Repealing the ordinances and resolutions regarding the Specific Plan through Council action; or
  • Submitting the ordinances and resolutions for public vote at the next regular election, or a special election, per Elections Code 9241
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