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The Giving Tree

Trees are Worth More Than You Might Think

Post Date:11/06/2019
What would you do if you found out there was something you could obtain that would clean your air, save you energy, reduce noise pollution, lower crime rates, and increase your home value? No, it’s not a miracle of technology, but the miraculous power of trees.
It’s well known that trees have environmental, economic, public health, and social benefits. But trees aren’t prone to boasting. They’re more like Mother Theresa than Kanye West.
This is where the City of Cupertino has stepped in to give voice to the City’s trees. Residents can now visit the new Tree Plotter application to view the benefits of individual City trees or the entire City-wide canopy. The app includes a tree’s overall monetary benefit, property value, runoff prevention, energy and natural gas savings, heat prevention, and air quality benefits among other factors. Residents can also check when a tree was planted, when it was last pruned, and its maintenance history.
The app was a partnership between the City’s GIS (Geography Information System) Division and Trees Division—a perfect marriage between technology and nature. The Trees Division is responsible for maintaining 20,654 City trees, including pruning, pest control, and planting.
Visit the Tree Plotter app at
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