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Real Estate

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Cupertino has a fairly stable real estate market and is characterized by the strong sense of community felt by the various residential neighborhoods. We have a wealth of qualified agents and companies in Cupertino which specialize in real estate located in our community.

If you are personally interested in relocating to Cupertino, or plan to relocate your employees or company to Cupertino, please reference these resources:

Real Estate Signage FAQs

The City of Cupertino understands signage is critical to the real estate industry. The display of "For Sale," "For Rent," and "Open House" signage is subject to the requirements of the City's municipal code, which have been established to protect pedestrian and traffic safety and to maintain the community's beautiful environment.

The following are key reminders of the sign ordinance:

  • Within or adjacent to any Commercial District all signage is prohibited in the public right-of-way (e.g., streets, sidewalks, and medians).
  • However, signage is allowed only in the public right-of-way within or adjacent to any Residential or Institutional (e.g., civic centers, churches, schools, etc.) zoned areas and must conform to the following:
    • One freestanding sign per street frontage, two signs maximum.
    • The maximum area is four square feet and the maximum height is six feet.
    • Illumination is prohibited.
    • Off-site: Six off-site open house signs permitted. The signs must be on private property with the consent of the owner.
    • All off-site signs can only be put out between sunrise and sunset each day.
    • All off-site signs must maintain 36 inches of clear and continuous width along a sidewalk or pathway plus any other area needed for handicapped accessibility.
    • All off-site signs must be 18 inches from the curb/edge of street/bicycle or vehicle traffic and must not obstruct vision of any vehicle or pedestrian or block any directional or safety signs.
    • All on-site signs must be removed from the property after completion of the sale, lease, or rental.

Any signage not in compliance will be confiscated by Code Enforcement officers and will be stored at the Cupertino Service Center, located at 10555 Mary Avenue. City staff will contact the owners with directions on how to retrieve signage, which will include paying a fee of $5.50 per sign. Please be advised, any non-compliance with any of these rules on the placement of signs are violations of the Cupertino Municipal Code and may be subject to an administrative fine of up to $500 per violation/sign, and per day that the violation continues.

 We appreciate your support in maintaining Cupertino's attractive community, as well as reducing staff time to enforce and process signage violations.

 To read the Cupertino Municipal Code Chapters 19.104.240 and 19.104.260, please click here. For helpful guidelines on temporary signage, please click here.