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The City of Cupertino's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division serves the geographic information needs of all city departments and Cupertino residents. The division provides exceptional mapping expertise, data, and applications for the City of Cupertino. Our key goals are to maintain and provide high-quality spatial data to City departments and the public, offer essential mapping services to citizens, and to help eliminate redundancies and reduce costs through common spatial data layers. The City of Cupertino's GIS Division is part of the Innovation and Technology Department.

To download our GIS data, please visit our Open Data Portal. In addition to the portal, we have provided links to our interactive web maps, our downloadable static maps, and a resources page providing more sources for data.


The City of Cupertino Service Finder is a handy application that allows users to quickly find services offered in the City. Use the application to:

  • Get information about upcoming events in the City
  • See the schools in your area
  • Find a park based on an activity
  • And more!


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