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Report Noise

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What Can I Do? 

To aid our efforts, and to better inform discussions with Congressman Ro Khanna and the FAA, we encourage you to voice your concerns with the operating entities directly responsible for the noise/traffic. If aircraft noise is bothering you, the best thing that people can do is to contact the appropriate airport. Providing the airport with as much detail as possible will help with recording an accurate report. The FAA has also coordinated an ombudsman to gather and log complaints for the region. Please include the FAA Aviation Noise Ombudsman when filing complaints.

Federal Aviation Administration, 
Aviation Noise Ombudsman, AEE-2 
800 Independence Ave. S.W. 
Washington, DC 20591 

Where to Report?

Airports are responsible for their noise impact on the communities they occupy. These noise impacts include noise from arrivals and departures, as well as noise from aircraft in a flight path within the immediate vicinity of the airport. Most airports have staff that respond to airport noise issues, or you can ask for the airport manager. Airport noise issues and concerns should first be addressed to the appropriate staff at the local airport. Many airports also have their noise abatement information and contact information published on their website. The City encourages residents to express their concerns about aviation-related noise to the appropriate agency as noted below. 

San Carlos Airport (SQL) 
Main Phone: 650-573-3700 
Noise Hotline: 844-266-6266 
Noise Complaint Form 

San Francisco Intl (SFO) 
Main Phone: 800-435-9736 or 650-821-8211 
Noise Office: 650-821-5100 M-F, 8-5 
Noise Hotline: 650-821-4736 
SFO Noise Abatement 
Noise Complaint Email 
Noise Complaint Form

If you are not sure which airport is the origin or destination of the aircraft you are hearing, call the SFO noise office number. SFO has system capabilities that can determine the origin or destination of all air traffic. 

Norman Y Mineta San Jose Intl (SJC) 
Main Phone: 408-392-3600 
Noise Hotline: 408-452-0707 
SJC Noise Abatement 
Noise Complaint Email 
Noise Complaint Form 
Monthly Noise Summary 

Palo Alto Airport (PAO) 
Noise Hotline: 650-329-2405 

Moffett Field 
Noise Hotline: 650-386-0666 (recording, please leave message for return call) 
Other noise sources at Moffett Field include wind tunnel facilities and the Outdoor Aerodynamic Research Facility. To report wind tunnel noise, or to get more information, call 650-604-4789 (newsroom number). 

Identifying Aircraft

When contacting the appropriate agency, it is best to have some identifying information about the aircraft. All aircraft flying in this area are on radar and can be tracked (click on "View WebTrak"). This site allows you to click on a particular aircraft to see the tail number, current altitude, and speed (Image A) and includes current decibel readings at various noise monitor sites (Image B); a legend is also provided which shows the types of aircraft displayed (Image C).

WebTrak - Norman Y Mineta San Jose Intl Airport