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Presentation of Transit Lanes and LRT Alternatives on SR 85 at the VTA 85 Corridor Policy Advisory Board of April 25, 2016

VTA PAB 4-25-16 - Staff Report
VTA PAB 4-25-16 - Presentation
BRT Option 4C also called Express Bus with Transit Stations

Visioning illustrations

Visioning illustrations for a conceptual Bus Rapid Transit or Light Rail system in median of SR 85, with center station at Stevens Creek Boulevard, and with connections to a transit center serving public and private buses as well as app-based ride-sharing companies.

Plan View
Version 1
Version 4
Version 5

Silicon Valley's Transportation Future: A Vision Beyond Gridlock (Full Version)

In 2015, Cupertino began work with West Valley and North County cities to see what we could agree on to bring transit alternatives and congestion relief to our part of the county, which necessarily includes funding priorities. This is a long term effort that is continuing in 2016 and beyond, but in the last few months, we have made real progress. The City of Cupertino commissioned a short video series to explain the problem and proposed solutions. Below is the full version of the video. Below the video is a report entitled Cupertino Transit Vision, prepared to illustrate some ideas on what a transit system in the Highway 85 corridor could look like

Forum on Innovative Transit: New Models for Silicon Valley

State Route 85 Express Lane Project