Teen Commission

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The Commission consists of nine members with the intention to include at least one person from each public middle school and public high school in Cupertino, if possible. Membership on the Commission is limited to Cupertino residents. Members may attend schools outside of the City limits, or be schooled at home. Commissioners must be in 8th through 11th grade. Teen Commissioners serve two-year staggered terms.

The powers and functions of the Teen Commission are to advise the City Council and staff on issues and projects important to youth (also see Municipal Code 2.95.080 Powers and Functions).

The Commission meets September through August, twice monthly (except December) on the second and fourth Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at the Quinlan Community Center, 10185 N. Stelling Rd. For more information, please call staff liaison Daniel Mestizo, 408.777.3134.

If you wish to send an e-mail to the Teen Commission, please use the following email address: teencommission@cupertino.org

Teen Commission FY 2019-20 Work Program


Recruitment for the 2019-2021 term is CLOSED

Teen Workshops:  
Interested in teaching or leading a workshop for youth/teens? Submit your Teen Workshop Proposal Here.

Projects we've worked on and are working on:

  • Bobatino
  • <hack> Cupertino 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Social Host Ordinance
  • Addressing Teen Stress and improving mental health
  • Pizza & Politics - view video here.
  • Giving Tree, partnering with West Valley Community Services
  • YAC Attack   
  • Attending YES Conference in San Francisco


Term ending August 31, 2020

Kelly Tung

Krithika Venkatasubramanian
Tanvi Khot

Term ending August 31, 2021

Samikshaa Natarajan
Jay Yeung
Rushil Jayant
Anagaa Nathan
Alden Gu
Nitya Devisetti


Meet your 2018-2019 Cupertino Teen Commissioners

Sidharth (Sid)


Teen Commission


Junior @ MVHS



  1. I'm a big fan of the American TV show, The Office.
  2. I like to code.
  3. I admire the concept of dry-erase markers.

Shivani Sahni

Teen Commission Vice Chair

Freshman @ CHS

  1. My favorite food is Italian food.
  2. My favorite after school activity is to Dance.
  3. My favorite TV show is Pretty Little Liars

Christina Lau

Senior @ MVHS

  1. I love film music.
  2. My favorite TV show is Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  3. My favorite store is target.

Emily Chan

8th grader @

St. Andrews

  1. My favorite TV show is the Office.
  2. My favorite food is Japanese food.
  3. If I were shipwrecked, the 3 items I would bring are: a jet with a GPS, the coast guard, and a pilot.

Sarah Tan

Freshman @ MVHS

 Sarah Tan_crop
  1. I can understand 4 different languages/dialects.
  2. I have been to Hawaii around 4 times
  3. I am super clumsy.



Varsha Subramanyam

Sophomore @ MVHS

  1. My favorite food is Taco Bell.
  2. My favorite TV show is Parks and Rec.
  3. My favorite country ever visited is Italy because of the food!

Juliet Shearin

8th grader @

Lawson MS

  1. I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  2. My favorite move is The Princess Bride.
  3. I have the cutest pug in the world.

Vanitha Vemula

Junior @ CHS

  1. My favorite food is Ice Cream.
  2. My favorite TV show is The Vampire Diaries.
  3. My hidden talent is sleeping.

Madhavan Krishnan

Freshman @ CHS

  1. I won the California State Geographic Bee in the 6th grade.
  2. I won $30,000 on the TV Show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?".
  3. I have played piano since I was 5 years old.


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