The Legislative Review Committee consists of two City Councilmembers. The primary goals of the committee are to make recommendations on legislative advocacy issues and to authorize position letters for legislation that aligns with the City's Council-approved Legislative Platform. Items not addressed in the City's Legislative Platform require approval of the full Council prior to any legislative advocacy efforts. For more information, view the City's Legislative Advocacy Policy

Committee Meetings

Meetings are held as needed to accommodate legislative proposals and to allow the City to respond to urgent legislative issues. To receive updates for upcoming meetings, please sign up for eNotifications and subscribe to "Legislative Affairs." 

The next Legislative Review Committee meeting is scheduled for May 24th at 10:00 am at City Hall, Conference Room C. 

Agendas and Minutes

Committee Members

Mayor Steven Scharf
City Council

Vice Mayor Liang Chao
City Council 


2019 Legislative Agenda

The Legislative Review Committee will be discussing the City of Cupertino's 2019 Legislative Platform at its upcoming meeting on May 24th. The Legislative Platform is comprised of guiding principles that provide a framework for Cupertino’s regional, state, and federal legislative priorities. Adopted annually, the City’s Legislative Platform will serve as a reference guide for legislative positions and objectives that provide direction for the City Council and staff throughout the year. The Legislative Platform is the foundation of a focused advocacy strategy and will be made available once approved by the full Council.

Below are bills that Council has taken a formal position on or are watching.

Bill Topic Author Position Status
SB 50 Planning and Zoning: Housing Development: Incentives Wiener

Oppose 4/16/19

Hearing on 5/16, held in Committee & under submission

SB 330 Housing Crisis Act of 2019 Skinner Oppose 4/16/19 Hearing on 5/16
SB 4 Housing Beall/McGuire Watch Hearing set for  4/24/19 was cancelled at the request of the author.
SB 5 Affordable Housing and Community Development Investment Program Beall/McGuire Watch Hearing on 5/16
AB 67 Housing: Homeless Integrated Data Warehouse Rivas/Chiu Watch Amended on 5/16 and returned to second reading
AB 68 Land Use: Accessory Dwelling units Gloria/Skinner/
Watch Hearing on 5/16 passed the committee


City of Cupertino's Legislative Support/Opposition Letters

Senate Bill 50 (Wiener) - Notice of Opposition

Senate Bill 330 (Skinner) - Notice of Opposition

For more information on legislation and regional measures regarding housing visit, our Statewide and Regional Housing Policy page.  

Previous Legislative Agendas

2018 Legislative Agenda

2017 Legislative Agenda