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Being Ready for the Unexpected

Mother nature or human nature gone awry can bring a disaster to virtually any community. Examples include a major earthquake, a flood, a wildfire, a disease outbreak, a massive power outage or mass violence.

Cupertino’s Office of Emergency Services, the Santa Clara County Fire Department and teams of volunteer responders assure that emergency preparedness and disaster response resources are in place for our community. In addition, West Valley Community Services is the designated manager of disaster-related donations in the event of an emergency.

Every individual in Cupertino also has a role. In some situations, the best cure may be prevention, such as keeping storm drains clear to prevent flooding and keeping brush away from your home during times of high fire danger. In most situations, advance preparedness can make a difference for your family and neighbors, or employees if you operate a business. Examples include having an emergency communication plan, having emergency water, food and medical supplies on hand and being trained to provide CPR and first aid.

How to Be Prepared

Block group Neighborhood watch

OES (Office of Emergency Services)

Mission Statement
Cupertino Office of Emergency Services coordinates effective disaster response and recovery efforts. Through planning, training, and exercising we prepare and empower ourselves, response personnel and our community members to minimize the risks to life safety, property, and the environment.

In June 2019, City Council adopted an updated Emergency Operations Plan which outlines how the City will respond to an emergency.