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Block Leader Binder

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Table of Contents

Section One: Introductory Information
1.1 Cupertino Block Leader Brochure 
1.2 Volunteer Application

Section Two: Resources to Get Started
2.1 Frequently Asked Questions
2.2 Walk Around the Block - Ideas to Spark Your Start
2.3 Know Your Neighbors Cards (forms for neighbors to exchange)
2.4 Scenarios for Meeting your Neighbors
2.5 Cultural Tips
2.6 Community Improvement Grant Program Brochure

Section Three: Communication
3.1 Sample Email to Block Leaders -  Block Leaders receive emails about new City programs and events in their immediate neighborhoods 
3.2 Understanding Conflict Styles

Section Four: Block Parties
4.1 Block Party Brochure
4.2 Block Party Application
4.3 Easy Recipes for Throwing a Block Party

Section Five: Neighborhood Watch and Safety
5.1 What is Neighborhood Watch?
5.2 How to Start a Neighborhood Watch Group
5.3 Crime Summaries - Sign-up for eNotifications
5.4 NextDoor

Section Six: Neighborhood Emergency Readiness
6.1 Emergency Reporting Locations
6.2 Telephone Tips During an Emergency
6.3 Cupertino Alert System (CAS) 
6.4 Personal & Equipment Resurce Survey
6.5 Neighborhood Team Descriptions
6.6 Backpack Kit: Emergency Supplies to Keep in Your Car 
6.7 Emergency Preparedness Training Schedule

Section Seven: Community Resources
7.1 Cupertino Scene (City Newsletter)

Section Eight: Templates for Block Leaders
8.1 Sample Introduction Letter to Neighbors
8.2 Sample Block Party Invitation
8.3 Information Sheet for New Residents
8.4 Get to Know Your Neighbors - Gather info from nearest neighbors
8.5 Neighborhood Contact Sheet