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How Do I Start?

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Introducing Yourself & Planning a Gathering

Here are some tips for you as a new Neighborhood Block Leader.

1. Introduce yourself to neighbors

Knock on your neighbors’ doors, point to where you live, and tell them about your hopes to get everyone acquainted. This might be the best time to ask for feedback and ideas for your future get-together.

2. Plan your gathering

You can get neighbors together for a variety of reasons ranging from a safety meeting to an informal dessert exchange, or organized block party. Some of the most successful gatherings are simple and focus solely on the opportunity for neighbors to meet.

Try to hold your gathering in the neighborhood, or nearby park, to make it convenient for all to participate. To safely close your residential street, Cupertino's block party program provides barricades and other services at no cost.

Consider organizing a Neighborhood Watch meeting, or emergency preparedness training directly in your neighborhood. If you need other ideas, contact us and we’ll work with you.

DIY games

3. Collect neighbors’ contact information for emergencies and activity planning

Keep information confidential and remind neighbors to do the same. Many people prefer to share contact information only with those they know so be prepared to wait until after your first gathering to complete your contact list.

Residents may organize neighborhood email groups, or social media to communicate with neighbors.