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Who Do I Call For...

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Abandoned vehicles parked on the street? Windows Media
Abandoned Vehicle Hotline: 408.777.3315 
  • Provide the address, color, make of the vehicle and the license plate

Animal control services?
San Jose Animal Care and Services: 408.794.7297 (PAWS)

  • To report dead animals for pick up off the roadway 
  •  Information on rabies vaccination and dog licensing

Business license and fee questions?
Cupertino Finance Department: 408.777.3220

  • Fee questions regarding Massage, Solicitor and Handbill Permits
  • Fee questions regarding Business Licenses

Construction without permits?
Cupertino Building Department: 408.777.3228


  • For graffiti on city light poles, street signs and any other city property Contact the Cupertino Service Center at 408.777.3269
  • For Freeway on ramp/off ramps graffiti – report to Caltrans Graffiti Removal 408.436.0930
  • For railroad tracks – contact Union Pacific Railroad

Green pools, rodent or other vermin problems?
Santa Clara County Health Department- Vector Control: 408.918.4770 

  • For West Nile Virus Questions/Complaints
  • Fogging questions

Land use questions for unincorporated parcels?
Santa Clara County Planning Department: 408.299.5770

Municipal Code violations?
Code Enforcement Division: 408.777.3182

  • Blight issues on private property or inquires

Overgrown weeds?
Santa Clara County Weed Abatement: 408.282.3145

Parking citation inquiries - concerning appealing or other general parking citation questions?
Citation Processing Center: 800.989.2058

Protected Trees - Inquiries concerning possible Protected Trees?
Cupertino Planning Department: 408.777.3308

  • Questions regarding trees in a planned development
  • Questions regarding city street trees or protected trees

Police services/Fire Services?

Sheriff’s West Valley Substation - Business Line: 408.868.6600
Sheriff’s Dispatch Non-Emergency Services: 408.299.2311
Emergency: 911

Fire Department- Business Line: 408.378.4010
Emergency: 911

Railroad – Reporting Unusual or Suspicious Occurrences and Environmental Hazards? 

  • For Union Pacific Railroad, call 1.888.UPRRCOP (877.7267) to report hazardous materials releases, personal injuries, criminal activities, illegal dumping, or other environmental incidents.

Union Pacific Railroad Main Number: 402.544.5000
Union Pacific Railroad Operator: 888.870.8777

  • To report rough or damaged grade crossings or crossings blocked or obscured by vegetation (non-emergency situations only) within the state of California, please call 916.789.6114.
  • To report all other grade crossing blockages or damage, please call 1.800.848.8715

Sidewalk/street obstructions?
Public Works Department: 408.777.3354

  • Report signs, weeds, debris on a sidewalk or city street 
  • Report any right-of-way obstructions on the sidewalk or city street

Storm drains discharge?
Public Works Department: 408.777.3354

Street tree cutting/removal?
Public Works Department: 408.777.3354