Radio Cupertino (1670 AM)

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About Radio Cupertino (1670 AM)

Mic-RadioWQGH344 (Radio Cupertino) is the City of Cupertino's AM radio station, broadcasting on the frequency of 1670 AM. Radio Cupertino provides residents with up-to-date information on city news, community events, construction projects, road conditions, weather forecasts and emergency preparedness. Cupertino city meetings are also broadcast at various times throughout the week.

In the event of a emergency, tune into Radio Cupertino for the latest information on the nature of the emergency, the impact of the emergency on the community, and instructions for local residents.

Radio Cupertino broadcasts 24 hours a day.


Radio Programming Schedule*

Chamber of Commerce Installation Ceremony - 6:00 pm (LIVE)

City Council Meeting  - 5:30 pm (LIVE) 

Planning Commission Meeting  - 6:45 pm (LIVE) 

State of the City Address 2020  - 6:30 pm (LIVE) 

* Public Service Announcements, unless otherwise specified 

Technical Considerations

 Radio Cupertino has a daytime broadcast range of about three to five miles. During the day, our station can be heard throughout most of Cupertino, as well as parts of Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Campbell, Saratoga, and west San Jose. At night, however, our signal is significantly reduced due to interference from skywave propagation. Skywave propagation is the refraction of radio waves back to the Earth's surface by the ionosphere that allows distant AM radio stations to be heard as clearly as the local stations.

Because Radio Cupertino is a low-powered radio station (10 watts maximum) and operates on a secondary basis to regular commercial radio stations, we are not entitled to interference protection from these nighttime signals. As such, our effective nighttime broadcast range is generally less than a mile due to frequent propagation interference from stations in Redding and Moreno Valley. Other common sources of radio interference may include proximity to power lines and home electronic and telecommunications equipment.

At 1670 AM, Radio Cupertino operates in the extended AM broadcast band (1610 to 1710 KHz). This band was established by the FCC in 1993. Most radio receivers manufactured before this year are not capable of tuning to these higher AM frequencies.