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Frequently Asked Questions

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Do I have to hire a contractor to perform the work after receiving a Building Permit?

  • Do I need a soil report if I want to build an addition to my house?

  • Do I need an automatic fire sprinkler system if I want to remodel my house?

  • How do I apply for an online permit?

  • How do I calculate Floor Area for High Volume Areas in R1 districts?

  • How do I get answers to my questions?

  • How do I view building permit records?

  • How does the City of Cupertino know if Apple is building to code and following the rules?

  • How will all the employees get to Apple Park?

  • Is electronic plan submittal required?

  • What are the City of Cupertino Construction Hours?

  • What are the current adopted codes being enforced by the City of Cupertino?

  • What are the hours for Over-the-Counter Building Plan Review?

  • What can I build without a permit?

  • What contributions did Apple make for local projects and studies?

  • What is Apple Park?

  • What is Floor Area Ratio or F.A.R.?

  • What is Floor Area?

  • What is lot area?

  • What is Lot Coverage?

  • What is the Building Envelope?

  • What is the difference between Floor Area and Lot Coverage?

  • What is the maximum F.A.R in R1 Zoning Districts?

  • What is Usable Rear Yard and how is it calculated in R1 zoning districts?

  • When am I required to install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide warning systems in our home?

  • When is a Building Permit not required?

  • When is a Mechanical Permit not required?

  • When is a Permit required?

  • When is a Plumbing Permit not required?

  • When is an Electrical Permit not required?

  • Where will all these new Apple Park employees live?

  • Why do I need a Building Permit?

  • Why is the city's specific plan process more important than ever, even though the city received an SB 35 application from the developer?