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FAQs - Vallco Town Center

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1. What are the current construction permit activities for Vallco Town Center?

     Permit Activity - Vallco Town Center

 2. What are the current demolition permit activities for Vallco?

     Demolition Permit Activity - Vallco

3. What was the City's response to the November 14 incident during the Vallco demolition?

     Vallco Walkway Letter (Initial Review) - 11.19.19

     Vallco Walkway Letter (Additional Review) - 11.19.19

     Vallco Demolition Order - 11.22.19

     Vallco Demolition Order - 11.21.19

     OSHA Permits

     Demolition Plan - Ferma

     BAAQMD ASB104350

     Wolfe Bridge Peer Review comments 12.26.19

     Wolfe Bridge Peer Review Approval 01.29.2020.

4. Is San Hill Development allowed to resume demolition activities after November 14th incident

     Sand Hill Response - 11.21.19

     Vallco Demolition - Notice 12.02.19