FAQs - Vallco Town Center

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1. What are the current construction permit activities for Vallco Town Center?

     Permit Activity - Vallco Town Center

 2. What are the current demolition permit activities for Vallco?

     Demolition Permit Activity - Vallco

3. What was the City's response to the November 14 incident during the Vallco demolition?

     Vallco Walkway Letter (Initial Review) - 11.19.19

     Vallco Walkway Letter (Additional Review) - 11.19.19

     Vallco Demolition Order - 11.22.19

     Vallco Demolition Order - 11.21.19

     OSHA Permits

     Demolition Plan - Ferma

     BAAQMD ASB104350

4. Is San Hill Development allowed to resume demolition activities after November 14th incident

     Sand Hill Response - 11.21.19

     Vallco Demolition - Notice 12.02.19