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Plan Review

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The Plan Review Team is responsible for the review and approval of all permit applications to ensure that proposed construction work meets life safety, accessibility, sustainability, and structural safety requirements of the code.  We are committed to providing timely and professional review of plans and documents for all applications submitted to the Building Division of the Community Development Department. 

To ensure that our services are as efficient and effective as possible we use an electronic plan review system. 

The typical plan review time for the first submittal is 20 business days.

The typical plan review time for resubmitted plans is 10 business days.

Please review the Electronic Plan Submittal procedures to ensure your plan review is not delayed. 

You may contact a member of the Plan Review Team for questions regarding state and local code requirements. 

Arnold Hom                       408-777-3235

Phuong Devries                 408-777-3213

Sean Hatch                            408-777-3231


Plan Review Submittal Forms

Plan Review Submittal Checklist

Comparison Matrix for New vs Existing Construction

Construction Best Management Practices (BMP) Plan Sheet

Modification Requests for Foundation and Soils Investigations

Alternate Materials & Modification Form

Technically Infeasible / Unreasonable Hardship Exemption Form (2016)

Technically Infeasible / Unreasonable Hardship Exemption Form (2019)

Cupertino Sanitary District Standard Construction Details

2019 CalGreen Checklist - Residential

2019 CalGreen Checklist - Non-Residential

2016 CalGreen Checklist - Residential

2016 CalGreen Checklist - Non-Residential

2013 CalGreen Checklist - Residential

2013 CalGreen Checklist - Non-Residential