Important Updates

The 2019 Waitlist is now Open. Applications will be accepted October 1-31, 2018.

For more information, contact Hello Housing:
(415) 863-3036 (messages returned within 36-48 hours)

Below Market Rate (BMR) Housing Program- Rental & Purchase

Click on the map below to see an overview of the City's BMR portfolio.

Map of BMR Units

The City of Cupertino generates affordable housing units through its Housing Mitigation Program. BMR for-sale units are made available to median and moderate income households. BMR rental units are made available to low, very low and extremely low income households. The City of Cupertino contracts with Hello Housing to screen and place qualified households in city BMR units. 

BMR Program Informational Workshop- 9/10/18 Presentation

The waitlist application period for the BMR Rental and Purchase Program is open annually during the month of October. Eligibility Forms will be accepted on the first business day of October annually and will close on the last business day of October annually. Anyone who wishes to be included on the waitlist must apply each year within this time frame, including those who were on the waitlist in previous years. Each eligibility form will be separated into a subgroup based on priority points. For applicants reapplying for a position on the waitlist, the applicant will maintain their current position on the waitlist from the previous year, provided the applicant continues to qualify for a BMR unit and their priority points remain unchanged. Applicants who are no longer income eligible, or who do not reapply, will be removed from the waitlist each year. Applicants for the BMR Purchase Program are encouraged to attend a First Time Homebuyer Certificate from a HUD certified agency.

BMR Program Administrator 

As of July 1, 2017, Hello Housing is the new BMR Program Administrator for the City of Cupertino BMR Rental and Purchase Program.  

Developers constructing new housing in the City of Cupertino may refer to the Housing Mitigation Manual or contact the Planning Department at (408) 777-3308 for more information on the program regulations.