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General Plan: Community Vision 2015 - 2040

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Current General Plan

The General Plan is a State-mandated document and provides the vision for Cupertino’s future. It sets the City’s policy direction in a number of areas including land use, mobility, housing, open space, infrastructure, public health and safety, and sustainability through specific goals, policies and strategies.

Current Official General Plan

Cupertino General Plan: Community Vision 2015-2040


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Cover and Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Planning Areas
Chapter 3: Land Use and Community Character Element
Chapter 4: Housing Element
Chapter 5: Mobility Element
Chapter 6: Environmental Resources and Sustainability Element
Chapter 7: Health and Safety Element
Chapter 8: Infrastructure Element
Chapter 9: Recreation, Parks and Community Services Element

Appendix A: Land Use Definitions
Appendix B: Housing Element Technical Report
Appendix C: Air Quality
Appendix D: Community Noise Fundamentals
Appendix E: Geologic and Seismic Hazards
Appendix F: Slope Density
General Plan Land Use Map - amended August 20, 2019


Reflects amendments adopted by the following City Council resolutions:

Resolution No. 19-109  - elimination of office allocation at Vallco Shopping District Special Area (adopted August 20, 2019)
Resolution No. 19-110 - establishment of height limits and enact development standards for residential uses within the Vallco Shopping District Special Area and identification of an area for future residential development on 13.1 acres of the Special Area (adopted August 20, 2019)

Prior General Plans

Archived General Plans are available online here.