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Which Specific Plan, Conceptual Plan or Master Plan?

To find out if your property is part of a specific plan, conceptual plan or master plan, either search the map below by address or contact the Planning Division at 408.777.3308.

Specific Plans

Specific Plans are adopted for the systematic implementation of the General Plan for a defined smaller portion of a community's planning area. A specific plan must specify in detail the development standards and requirements relating to density, lot size and shape, siting of buildings, setbacks, circulation, drainage, landscaping, architecture, water, sewer, public facilities, grading, open space, financing and any other element needed for proper development of the property.

The following is a list of Specific Plans adopted by the City.

Heart of the City
The Heart of the City Specific Plan provides specific development guidance for one of the most important commercial corridors in the City of Cupertino, for the purpose of creating a greater sense of place and community identity in Cupertino. The plan contains streetscape design, development standards and design guidelines for multi-unit residential and commercial/office projects. 
Heart of the City Specific Plan (3.7 MB)

Monta Vista Design Guidelines
The Monta Vista Design Guidelines implement the policies of the General Plan by outlining building design details, landscaping treatment, signage and public improvement details for the Monta Vista Commercial Area. 
Monta Vista Design Guidelines (5.1 MB)

Master Plans

Master Plans describe, in narrative and with maps, an overall development concept including both present property uses as well as future land development plans, ranging from the development of property for commercial and other uses to the development of wireless facilities. The plan may be prepared by a local government to guide private and public development or by a developer on a specific project. The following is a list of master plans that have been developed by the City.

Wireless Facilities Master Plan
The Wireless Facilities Master Plan was developed in 2003 as a guide for the public and for wireless companies. It is an educational tool for the public and a tool to facilitate the wireless companies and their representatives.
Wireless Facilities Master Plan 

South Vallco Master Plan
The South Vallco planning area is an approximately 125-acre area bounded by I-280 to the north, Stevens Creek Boulevard to the south, including Cupertino Square shopping center (formerly Vallco Fashion Park) along the east and west side of Wolfe Road and the office development along the east side of Tantau Avenue. The area also includes office properties owned by Apple, Menlo Equities, as well as the Metropolitan residential/commercial development.
South Vallco Master Plan

North Vallco Master Plan (not adopted by Council - for guidance only) 
The North Vallco planning area is the 240-acre area bounded by Homestead Road, Tantau Avenue, I-280 and Wolfe Road. It includes the 100-acre Hewlett Packard campus, 50 acres acquired by Apple Computer for a future second campus, Cupertino Village shopping center, hotel, residential and office developments.
North Vallco Master Plan

Conceptual Plans

Conceptual Plans delineate policies for the development of certain sections within the City's General Plan Area. The following is a list of Conceptual Plans adopted by the City.

North De Anza Blvd Conceptual Plan 
Encompasses the stretch roughly between Interstate 280 and Stevens Creek Blvd. This plan provides direction on the streetscape expected of properties along North De Anza Boulevard.
N. De Anza Blvd. Conceptual Plan (3.75 MB)

S. De Anza Boulevard Conceptual Plan
S. De Anza Boulevard Conceptual Plan: Encompasses the stretch between Stevens Creek Blvd. and Bollinger Rd along De Anza Blvd. 
S. De Anza Blvd. Conceptual Plan (800Kb)

South Sunnyvale-Saratoga Conceptual Zoning Plan
The South Sunnyvale-Saratoga Conceptual Zoning Plan covers the area south of Highway 85 along De Anza Blvd. The plan specifies the Land Uses allowed in the area and the permit approval process. It also specifies landscaping standards for the area.
South Sunnyvale-Saratoga Conceptual Zoning Plan (4.39 MB)

South Vallco Connectivity Plan
The South Vallco Connectivity Plan shows how new development within the Vallco Shopping District can improve connectivity to existing and approved development, and ensure connectivity to future development within the greater area. The plan will help inform the development of the future Vallco Shopping District Specific and/or Master Plan. 
South Vallco Connectivity Plan