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To view past proposals that have already been approved, refer to the

Development Proposals 

Major proposals under review:

 The City has approved the following projects in the recent past:

The Vallco site due to its importance in the community has the following webpage:

Municipal Code Amendments

The City is in the process of considering the following amendments to the Municipal Code:

General Plan Amendment Authorization

The City Council adopted procedures for authorization of applications that propose General Plan Amendments in September 2015. The City Council reviews applications twice a year. Please visit the General Plan Authorization web page for more information on the applications currently received.

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Please be advised that pursuant to Cupertino Municipal Code 2.08.100, written communications sent to the Cupertino City Council, Commissioners or City staff concerning an item on the agenda are included as supplemental material to the agendized item. These written communications are accessible to the public through the City's website and kept in packet archives. You are hereby admonished not to include any personal or private information in written communications to the City that you do not wish to make public; doing so shall constitute a waiver of any privacy rights you may have on the information provided to the City.