Apple Park Phase 2 Architectural and Site Refinements
ASA-2014-08, TR-2014-59, EA-2011-12

The project applicant is requesting the approval of an Architectural and Site approval and a Tree Removal Permit to refine the phase 2 portion of Apple’s previously approved office, research and development campus. The project site is located east and west of N. Tantau bounded by Calabasas Creek to the north and west, City of Santa Clara limits to the east and I-280 to the south. 

The Project was approved on November 13, 2014 at an Administrative Hearing. Agenda

Project Plans
01 - Introduction
02 - Site Masterplan
03 - Site Civil
04 - Site Landscape
05 - Office Building
06 & 07 - Testing Facilities
08 - Parking Structure
09 - Visualizations

For information on the previous approved Apple Campus 2 project, please go to