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Location: 10625 S. Foothill Blvd. APN: 342-16-087

Applicant: SCR Enterprises

Property Owner: SCR Enterprises

Architect: LPMD Architects

City Contact: Erick Serrano,

Public Hearings:

Environmental Review Committee: TBD

Planning Commission: TBD

City Council: TBD

Application Summary:

Development Permit to allow the construction of a mixed used project of eighteen (18) units consisting of five (5) single-family homes, eight (8) townhomes, and five (5) apartments over a 4,536 sq. ft. commercial building.  Architectural and Site Approval to allow the development of a mixed used site.  Use Permit to allow the construction of housing on a non-housing site.  Tentative Map to allow the subdivision of one (1) parcel into 15 lots, one (1) common lot and 14 individual lots.  Tree Removal Permit to allow the removal and replacement of one (1) protected development tree.  Zone change from Planned General Commercial (P(CG)) to Planned General Commercial with Residential intent (P(CG,Res).

Project Data:

Lot Size: 1.566 acres (gross) / 1.386 acres (net)

Type:Mixed-Use Development (Residential/Commercial)

Permits Required:

Permit approvals including, but not limited to the following, may be required:

  • Development Permit
  • Zoning Map Amendment 
  • Tentative Map
  • Architectural and Site Approval
  • Use Permit
  • Fence Exception
  • Tree Removal Permit

Plan Set: 

Plan Set 1 of 3

Plan Set 2 of 3

Plan Set 3 of 3