Location: 10801 N. Wolfe Road

Applicant: Michael Strahs (Kimco Realty)

Property Owner: Cupertino Village LP

Architect: Hornerberger + Worstell

City Contact: Erick Serrano, ericks@cupertino.org


Public Hearings:

Planning Commission: June 11, 2019 

City Council: July 16, 2019

Application Summary:

General Plan Amendment to demolish two (2) commercial buildings and construct a new full-service boutique hotel with 185 rooms at the Cupertino Village Shopping Center.

Project Data:

Lot Size: 1.46 net acres

Type: Hotel

Number of Hotel Rooms: 185

Permits Required:

Permit approvals including, but not limited to the following, may be required:

  • General Plan Amendment
  • Development Permit
  • Development Agreement
  • Architectural and Site Approval
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Tree Removal Permit

Project Drawings:

Plan Set 1 of 2

Plan Set 2 of 2

The CEQA Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) is available here:


Appendix A: Air Quality & GHG Data

Appendix B:_Health Risk Assessment

Appendix C:_Noise Data

Appendix D: Transportation Impact Analysis