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The Hamptons Redevelopment 

UPDATE 2019:  As of 2019, the owners have not applied for building permits. When the city receives an application for demolition and construction, new updates will be provided, including projected construction timelines. 

Location: 19500 Pruneridge Ave
Developer: Irvine Company Apartment Communities
Architect: Arquitectonica
Project Manager: Catarina Kidd, 
Status: Approved but not under construction.  City Council approved the Hamptons Redevelopment application on June 21, 2016 and July 5, 2016. 

Records, including project plan set, may be viewed through this link:


Alternatively, go back to the home page:, click on Records, Planning Department approvals, 2015, DP-2015-04b, scroll to page ~20.

Application Summary: 
• Development Permit and Architectural and Site approval to allow the demolition of 342 apartments and the construction of 942 apartments in a Planned Residential Zoning District, associated site and landscaping improvements;
• Tree Removal Permit to allow the removal and replacement of 277 trees in conjunction with the proposed development;
• Use Permit to allow a bicycle hub and separate bar facility within common residential amenity areas.

Project Data:
Lot Size: 12.4 net acres
Type: Multi-Family Residential
Units: 942
Density: 76 units/net acre
Height: 75’ max

The project site plans are available here:

Cover Page

Sheet Index

Site Plans

For the full set of plans, please see the public records link on the home page referenced above.

The CEQA Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) is available here:

Cover Title

Table of Contents


Initial Study Checklist

Project Description (1/3)

Project Description (2/3)

Project Description (3/3)

General Plan EIR Consistency Analysis

Environmental Analysis


Organizations and Persons Consulted

Appendix A Tree Survey

Appendix B Geotechnical Investigation

Appendix C Water Supply Assessment

Appendix D Air Quality & GHG Data

Appendix E Health Risk Assessment

Appendix F Draft Tenant Relocation Plan

Appendix G Noise Data

Appendix H Draft Transportation Management Plan

Appendix I Parking & Transportation Data