18038-Opticos_Cupertino_Persp02-2 Visualization of general scale of buildings along Perimeter Road facing west and pedestrian view looking north.

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The Vallco Town Center Specific Plan can be viewed here:

Chapter 1 Purpose and Intent
Chapter 2 Background and Setting
Chapter 3 Vision
Chapter 4 Mobility
Chapter 5 Infrastructure and Public Facilities
Chapter 6 Development Standards
Chapter 7 Administration, Implementation and Financing

Understanding the review process options for Vallco's future:

What happens if there is or isn't a referendum on the Specific Plan?

What are the "process paths" for the Specific Plan and the SB 35 project?

How are they different in terms of city review? This flowchart, updated on October 26th, helps demonstrate the outcomes based on possible decisions and actions.

How does the Vallco Town Center Specific Plan (our community's plan) compare to the SB 35 (State Law) project?

Download Vallco Fast Facts to compare the concepts from the Specific Plan to the SB 35 proposal, two different options for Vallco's future or scroll down this page to view the comparisons. 

 A visualization of the Specific Plan:
Vallco Parkway turtle shell VSP

An aerial view of the SB 35 approved application:
Aerial View SB 35


Facts at a glance: Comparing the two options for Vallco Mall site


Vallco Town Center
Specific Plan
(Community’s Plan)

 Vallco Parkway turtle shell VSP

SB 35 Project
(State Law ministerial project)

Aerial View SB 35 

Community’s plan

Yes - City’s adopted specific plan

No - State Law ministerial project

Development allocation

Entire Specific Plan Area (Tier 2)

Sand Hill portion only


2923 units (2,668 units on Sand Hill portion)

2,402 units


1,750,000 sq.ft.

1,810,000 sq.ft.


400,000 sq.ft.

400,000 sq.ft.


191 rooms


Height limits



Up to 240 feet (22 stories)






West of N. Wolfe Road (see Specific Plan for details)

Heights range from 45 feet (3 stories) from the western side to 120 feet (10 stories) at center of site and are reduced to 60 feet (5 stories) along Stevens Creek Boulevard and 75 to 95 feet (6 to 8 stories) along N. Wolfe Road

East of N. Wolfe Road (see Specific Plan for details)

Heights range from 75 feet (6 to 7 stories) along Vallco Parkway and 75 to 95 feet (6 to 8 stories) along N. Wolfe Road and increase to 120 to 150 feet (10 to 13 stories) toward the east.


Parks requirement per the City’s municipal code

Minimum park sizes per specific plan

Minimum of 6 acres ground level, 60% landscape

Remaining may be ground level, on pedestrian bridge across Wolfe or rooftop/podium.


22 acres rooftop park

4 acres at ground level

Environmental mitigations

Yes. Includes traffic mitigations.

None required per State Law.

Community benefits



Moderate income units



Low income units


840 (required by State Law)

Very low income units


361 (required by State Law)

Extremely low income units (developmentally disabled)



Senior units

80 units



CUSD: $14.25M  in addition to school impact fees

FUHSD: 25,000 sq.ft. space or $9.5M



$11M for Wolfe Road/I-280/ Bike/Ped Trail

$1M community shuttle pilot one year; $750K subsequent 9 years


City Hall

40,000 sq.ft. (exterior shell at civic center site)


Performing Arts Center

600-seat main stage, 200-seat second stage center (exterior shell at project site)


More details about community benefits

Affordable Housing:
Vallco has agreed that 20% of the residential units would be provided as affordable housing at the following percentages:  15% at extremely low (40 units, very low (156 units) and low income (205 units) levels and 5% at moderate income level (133 units).

School District Benefits:

FUHSD - Vallco would commit to either (i) build and lease to FUHSD a 25,000 square foot “warm shell” space, or (ii) pay FUHSD a $9,500,000 in lieu payment, with terms to be set forth in a separate agreement to be entered into between Developer and FUHSD.

CUSD – Vallco would make a payment to CUSD in the amount of $9,500,000 pursuant to a separate agreement.

Vallco would implement a TDM Program.

Vallco would pay $11 million to City to fund work in connection with the Wolfe Road/I-280 and the Junipero Serra Bike/Pedestrian Trail. This would decrease to $5.5 million if there is a challenge to the Project.

Vallco would fund up to $1 Million for a 1-year pilot shuttle program and, if successful $750,000 thereafter for 9 years, which would decrease if there is a challenge to the Project.

Vallco would provide a mobility/bike hub within the project.

City Hall: Vallco would either (i) demolish the existing City Hall building and then build and deliver to City a 40,000 square foot “warm shell” new City Hall including underground parking, substantially consistent with the City’s 2015 civic center master plan, or (ii) pay the City a $30,000,000 in lieu payment.

Performing Arts Center: Vallco would either, at City’s option: (i) build and lease to City a 60,000 square foot “warm shell” space suitable for a performing arts center (PAC), or (ii) pay the City a $22,800,000 in lieu payment.

Detailed information can be found in the City Council’s September 18 agenda at www.cupertino.org/agenda

Frequently Asked Questions (updated 9/4/18)

The City has prepared responses to Frequently Asked Questions related to the preparation of the Vallco Town Center Specific Plan. Click here to view or see FAQS box on the right.

Project Archive - Past meetings/documents

For archived information on this project, please visit the archive webpage by clicking here: Vallco Specific Plan Archive.