Westport Image

Location: 21267 Stevens Creek Boulevard
Applicant: Mark Tersini (KT Urban)
Property Owner: 190 West St. James, LLC
Architect: C2K Architecture Inc.
City Contact: Gian Paolo Martire, gianm@cupertino.org




Application Summary:

The Westport Cupertino development is a redevelopment proposal for the existing 71,254 square foot Oaks Shopping Center, located on an approximately 8 acre site.  The proposed project is described as follows:

  1. Development Permit  (DP-2018-05) application and environmental analysis (EA-2018-04) to allow the construction of a mixed-use development consisting of 204 housing units, 20,000 square feet of retail space, and 31,087 square feet of common open space on an 8-acre parcel. 
  2. Architectural and site approval (ASA-2018-05) to evaluate the redevelopment of the Oaks Shopping Center into a mixed use development. The proposed 204 units will include 30 Below Market Rate Senior Housing Units, 88 for sale row houses and town houses, and 86 condominiums. Two mixed-use buildings will include approximately 20,000 square feet of retail, both serviced by at grade and below grade parking. 
  3. Tentative Map application (TM-2018-03) to approve a subdivision of the site. 
  4. Tree removal permit (TR-2018-06) allow the removal and replacement of 61 protected development trees.