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Location: 21267 Stevens Creek Boulevard 

Applicant: Mark Tersini (KT Urban)

Property Owner: 190 West St. James, LLC
Architect: C2K Architecture Inc.
City Contact: Gian Paolo Martire, gianm@cupertino.org


Application Incomplete. 


TBD. Once application deemed complete, tentative outreach and public hearing dates will be inserted. 


Notice is hereby given that the City of Cupertino (City) will be the Lead Agency and will prepare a project-level EIR for the Westport Mixed-Use Project (proposed project) pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (Public Resources Code sections 21000 et seq.) and the CEQA Guidelines (Title 14, section 15000 et seq. of the California Code of Regulations). This Notice of Preparation (NOP) has been prepared in compliance with CEQA Guidelines section 15082. The purpose of this NOP is to solicit comments from public agencies and the public on the scope and content of the EIR for the project.

An EIR Scoping Meeting will be held on Thursday, July 18, 2019 from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m. at the Cupertino Community Hall, 10350 Torre Avenue, Cupertino.

Westport - Notice of Preparation

Public Review Westport Initial Study

Below are studies referenced in the Initial Study:

Langan Treadwell Rollo - Limited Environmental Site Characterization

Hort Science - The Oaks Cupertino, Tree Assessment Plan

EBI Consulting - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

PIERS Environmental Services - Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

Langan Treadwell Rollo - Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation


The Westport Cupertino development is a redevelopment proposal for the existing 71,254 square foot Oaks Shopping Center, located on an approximately 8 acre site.  The proposed project is described as follows:

  1. Development Permit  (DP-2018-05) application and environmental analysis (EA-2018-04) to allow the construction of a mixed-use development consisting of 242 housing units, 20,000 square feet of retail space, and ~35,000 square feet of common open space on an 8-acre parcel. 
  2. Architectural and site approval (ASA-2018-05) to evaluate the redevelopment of the Oaks Shopping Center into a mixed use development. The proposed 242 units will include 39 Below Market Rate Senior Housing Units, 88 for sale row houses and town houses, and 115 condominiums. Two mixed-use buildings will include approximately 20,000 square feet of retail, both serviced by at grade and below grade parking. 
  3. Tentative Map application (TM-2018-03) to approve a subdivision of the site. 
  4. Tree removal permit (TR-2018-06) allow the removal and replacement of 61 protected development trees.
  5. Use Permit (U-2019-03) to allow the development of residential units on a mixed-use Housing Element site that proposes units above the estimates in the Housing Element. 
  6. Heart of the City Exception (EXC-2019-03) to allow a development with less than 75% of the total building frontage along Stevens Creek Boulevard dedicated to the direct retailing of goods or services to the general public.