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Sign Information

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Chapter 19.104: Signs includes regulations for all types of signage allowed in the City of Cupertino. Signs are vital ingredients in promoting a successful and healthy business community while enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the City. The Sign Ordinance provides the regulations that the City has adopted to ensure that signage does not impinge upon the aesthetics of the city and does not inconvenience the public, while balancing the need to convenience the public and provide for competition among businesses and identify each business.

Exempt Signs
Chapter 19.104.100 Signs Exempt from Permit Requirements provides direction on what type of signs do not need sign permits within the City.

Prohibited Signs
Chapter 19.104.110 Prohibited Signs provides direction on what type of signs are prohibited within the City.  

Sign Regulations
The Sign Ordinance provides direction on several types of permanent signs and applicable design criteria including:

Temporary Signs
Chapter 19.104.240: Temporary Signs provides direction on a wide variety of signs such as banners, garage sale signs, project announcements signs etc. 

Temporary signs may be displayed for the length of time specified by type of sign, in accordance with the provisions in Section 19.104.250: Temporary Signs - Flags, Garage Sales, Political Signs and Subdivision Signs and Section 19.104.260: Temporary Signs: Real Estate Signs and Project Announcement Signs

Businesses that wish to display banners, signage for promotional events, and A-frame signs must conform to the regulations of Section 19.104.270: Temporary Signs: Special Event Banners, Promotional Devices, Portable Signs and Displays.

Apply for the Temporary Sign Permit online or use the Temporary Sign Permit Form for all A-frame signs, banners and other promotional signage for your business.

  • Banners are allowed for a maximum of 120 days within a 360-day period, must be building mounted and may have one face not to exceed 100 square feet in area. Please check the other requirements in the Sign Ordinance.
  • Promotional Devices are allowed for a maximum three-day period, four times in a calendar year. Some promotional devices may be displayed during the first year of a new business's operation of announcing a grand opening of the business. Please check the other requirements in the Sign Ordinance.
  • Portable Signs and Displays (including A-frame signs) may not block paths of travel for pedestrians or automobiles, may not be permanently attached to any structures or to the ground, and may only be located at the business site during business hours. If a portable sign or display meets specific design criteria outlined in the sign ordinance, the sign may be displayed year-round.

Sign Exceptions
If you want to erect a sign that does not meet the Sign Ordinance regulations, you may apply for a sign exception. You may be granted a sign exception if you meet the findings for a sign exception following a public hearing in accordance with Chapter 19.104.290: Sign Exception

Use the Planning Permit Application Form for your application.