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Wireless Communications Facilities Ordinance

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The Wireless Communication Facilities Ordinance establishes regulations pertaining to the location, siting, development, design and permitting of wireless communications facilities for all zones existing in this City in order to facilitate the development of a wireless communications infrastructure in the City for commercial, public and emergency uses, and protect the health, safety, welfare and aesthetic concerns of the public.

Development Regulations for Wireless Communication Facilities on Private Property and in Public Parks
 A. Aerials  Aerials shall not exceed a height of 55 feet above finished grade measured  at the mast base, unless otherwise provided in accordance with Section  19.136.050, Specific Site Development Regulations.
 B. Antenna  1. An antenna consisting of a single vertical element not more than four  inches in diameter in lieu of a horizontal arrangement shall be exempt  from the height restriction.

 2. Antennas and/or guy wires shall not overlap adjoining properties and  shall not encroach upon an easement without the written consent of the  owner of the easement which shall be attached to the application for a  building permit.

 C. Masts and Towers  1. Wood towers shall not be erected.
 2. The number of towers, and detached masts exceeding eight inches in  diameter at the base and thirty feet in height above ground level, shall be  limited as follows:
 Lot Size  Maximum Number of Towers and Detached  Masts
 a. < 30,000 square feet  One.
 b. ≥ 30,000 square feet


 Additional towers, and detached masts,  above two, not meeting the criteria stated in  Section 19.136.040(C)(2) require permits in  accord with Section 19.136.080, Permitting  Procedures and Conditions of Approval.