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ADU Development Standards

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Development Standards

You may build an Accessory Dwelling Unit in many residential Zoning districts. Please contact the Planning Department to determine if yours qualifies.

Minimum Size Maximum Size
Size of Accessory Dwelling Units 150 s.f. 10% of the net lot area, up to a maximum of 1,000 s.f., or 50 percent of the existing living space of the principal dwelling unit, whichever is more restrictive.

An accessory dwelling unit:

  • Entrance must be screened from a public street
  • May be located on the second story if:
    • It is conversion of a portion or all of an existing second story of the principal residence;
    • Entry is not through an exterior/exposed staircase; and
    • Does not result in privacy intrusion to adjoining dwellings (must provide privacy planting.)
  • Parking Requirements for Accessory Dwelling Unit:
    • Conversions of existing living space:
      • No additional parking required
    • New living space added (whether attached or detached) for an Accessory Dwelling Unit:
      • Must have an additional parking space on site if less than the minimum off-street parking spaces is available for the main house
        • For example, if you are required to have four off-street parking spaces and only have two available, you need to provide an additional off-street parking space.
      • Exceptions to parking requirement if Accessory Dwelling Unit:
        • Is within one-half (1/2) mile of a public transit stop; or
        • Located in an architecturally and historically significant historic district; or
        • Occupant of the unit is not allowed/offered a required on-street parking permit; or
        • Located within one block of a car share vehicle pick-up location.
  • Parking Requirements if required parking spaces are eliminated for construction of Accessory Dwelling Unit: 
    • Required spaces may be provided in any configuration on the lot, whether open, covered, enclosed, tandem or as mechanical lifts but must meet all other requirements of the Parking Chapter.