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Duplex Development

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The residential duplex zoning district is intended to increase the variety of housing opportunities available within the community while maintaining the existing neighborhood character by allowing two similarly sized dwelling units under the same ownership on sites designated for duplex use in the Cupertino General Plan and Zoning Map.

Review Process

Most development in the R-2 zoning district requires the review of the Design Review Committee. Changes considered minor may be approved administratively by staff with a permit called the Director's Minor Modification.

The following can not be erected, altered, enlarged or modified without review:
    1. Buildings, structures (including fences) or signs
    2. Landscaping plans
    3. Parking plans 

Please work with a planner to ensure that the design meets the development standards and the design requirements for the zone as specified in the Residential Duplex (R-2) Zoning Ordinance.

Once the application has been reviewed preliminarily and is considered to be ready for a decision, your assigned planner will provide the application form, collect the fees and, if required, communicate the meeting date at which it will be presented to the Design Review Committee.

R-2 Development Standards

Maximum Lot Coverage: 40%

Floor Area Ratio: Dependent upon the neighborhood context, massing and bulk

Basic Development Regulations for property zoned R-2

 Zoning  District 

 Minimum Lot Area

 Minimum  Lot Width

Minimum Front Yard Setback (d)

Minimum Rear Yard Setback

Minimum Side Setback

Maximum Building Height

First Story

Second Story

First Story

Second Story

Interior Lot Side Setback

Minimum Street Side Setback Corner Lots (d)

First Story

Second Story

First Story

Second Story


 8,500 sq.  ft. (a)

 70’ (b) (c)

 20’  (e)


 Greater  of 20’ or  20% of  lot  depth  (f)

 20% of  lot  depth

 20%  of  lot  width  AND  no  less  than  6'

 First  Floor  setback  plus  three  feet



 30’ (g)















(a) Legal nonconforming R-2 lots must be at least 7,500 sq. ft. and conform to all other stipulations of the R-2 Ordinance. 

(b) Lots of 9,000 sq. ft. or more which front a cul-de-sac may have a minimum width of 60' at the building setback line.  

(c) If 50% of more of net lot areas is adjacent to a curvilinear street, a reduction in minimum lot size of no more than 5% of the net lot area is permitted.

(d) Recorded easements in a Title Report or Parcel/Tentative Map that result in larger setbacks take precedence over setbacks stipulated in the Ordinances.

(e) The front yard setback for a side-loading garage with a curved driveway may be reduced to 15’ (CMC Chapters 19.08.030 and 19.28.070 (E)(1)(b)).

(f) May be reduced to 10 feet provided that the required rear-yard setback area is no less than eight hundred fifty square feet or twenty times of the lot width.

(g) Buildings in an ‘i’ zoning designation are limited to one story and restricted to 18’.