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Fences are allowed between neighboring properties per the Fence Ordinance regulations.  For regulations for non-residential property, please click here.

For property zoned R1, R2 or R3, a fence up to eight (8) foot tall may be constructed at the property line except on the front property line. Note that you need neighbor permission and/or a building permit, if proposing a fence taller than six (6) feet. See table below for details.

In the front yard setback area, a three foot (3') tall fence is allowed except if you are on a corner lot.  

Fence Height, Neighbor Approval and Building Permit
 Fence Height  Neighbor Approval  Building Permit
 Up to 6 feet  Not required  Not required
 Up to 7 feet  Required (keep form with you and  transfer to future property owners in  case of disputes)  Not required
 Up to 8 feet  Required (submit form with building  permit application)  Required


Use the Fence Approval Form to obtain permission of your neighbor in accordance to the table above.

Driveway or Roadway Gates

Driveway or roadway gates are permitted only on properties zoned Residential Hillside. You may apply for an exception to allow driveway or roadway gates for demonstrated safety and demonstrated security reasons on all other properties. These gates need to be set back thirty feet (30') from the front and/or street side property lines. A driveway or roadway gate exception may be granted at a public hearing, if you meet all the findings required for approval of a Fence Exception. Use the Application Form to apply.

Fence Exceptions

If you want to build a fence that is not in accordance with the fence ordinance regulations, you may apply for a fence exception. The fence exception may be granted following a public hearing, if your application meets the findings required for such an exception. Use the R1 Exception Form to apply.