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Multiple Family Residential Development

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The Multiple Family Residential (R-3) Ordinance regulates multiple-family residential development to ensure a healthy functional environment for future residents of the multi-family development and their neighbors on adjacent parcels.

Development Review

In order to develop property zoned R-3, a Development Plan must be approved in order to receive Development and Architectural and Site approval permits before building permits can be issued.

The following can not be erected, altered, enlarged or modified without permits:
    1. Buildings, structures (including fences) or signs
    2. Landscaping
    3. Parking arrangements 

R-3 Development Standards

Maximum Lot Coverage: 40%

Residential Density
The Residential Density for these and other residential zones is specified in the General Plan. The actual number of dwellings will be established by the Planning Commission and the City Council.

Visual Privacy Intrusion
There are requirements to minimize privacy impacts by providing private outdoor areas for each dwelling unit. Please see section 19.36.060 B of the Multiple-Family (R-3) Zoning Ordinance.

Maximum Height
Two stories and thirty (30) feet.

Lot Coverage
Maximum lot coverage is forty percent (40%)

Density Lot Width Setbacks Maximum Height
First Floor Second Floor
Up to 3 units Over 3 units Front Side Rear Front Side Rear
Interior Side Street Side Interior Side Street Side
Net Lot Area = 9,300 sq. ft. Net Lot Area = 9,300 sq. ft. + 2,000 sq. ft./additional dwelling unit 70' at front building setback line 20' 6' 12' Greater of 20' or 20% of the lot depth (a)


9' 12' Greater of 20' or 20% of lot depth Two stories (not to exceed 30 feet) unless otherwise allowed by General Plan

(a) Main building may encroach as close as 10 feet to rear lot line if a useable rear-yard setback area of not less than twenty times the width of the lot.

‡ On structures taller than 24', the minimum side setback shall be 18'