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Residential Parking

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The Parking Ordinance regulates the parking requirements for each type of zoning and development. The parking requirements for single family development are different from the parking requirements of duplexes, multi-family residential units, townhomes etc.

For information on Non-Residential/Commercial parking, please click here.

Development Standards

The Parking Ratio determines the number of parking spaces required per dwelling unit (DU).


parking ratio

stall dimensions

Single family †


4/DU (2 garage + 2 open)†

10 by 20 each

small lot single-family,

P 2.8/DU (2 garage + 0.8 open)

10 by 20 each



3/DU (1.5 enclosed + 1.5 open)

10 by 20 each

high density multiple family,
high density multiple condominium


2/DU (1 covered + 1 open)
Bike parking required - 40% of units

9.5 by 20 each

† Flag Lots and RHS property where no street parking is available, need to provide 2 additional parking spaces on site.

  • All cars parked in the front setback area or side setback area must be parked perpendicular to the street unless they are parked in a circular driveway.
  • Cars need to be parked at least three (3) feet away from buildings and property lines and on permanent impervious or semi-pervious surfaces.
  • On property where a two car garage is required, the internal area should measure 20 feet by 20 feet and should be unobstructed between six inches and six feet from the finished floor. For example, no appliances or shelves may be located within this area.

If you have a legal non-conforming garage on property zoned R-1:

  1. You may continue its nonconformity as long as the square footage necessary to either construct a conforming garage or to upgrade the size of the existing garage is reserved from the allowable floor area ratio for the site.
  2. You may structurally alter, improve, and/or enlarge it in conformance with other provisions of the Muni Code. No reduction in size is permitted.

Parking Exceptions

If there are particularly challenging physical constraints that make it impossible to provide conforming parking arrangements on a site, one may apply for a Parking Exception. Use this form to apply for a Parking Exception: Planning Permit Application Form