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Accessory Structures

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Sheds, play structures, covered and uncovered decks and patios, gazebos, arbors, air conditioning units and other accessory structures may be installed/constructed on your property in accordance with the Accessory Structure Ordinance. The Ordinance addresses both attached and detached accessory buildings and structures.

Development Standards


1. Second story decks have different setbacks than the main house:
  Front Setback  Side Setback  Rear Setback 
R1, R-2, RHS Zones 17 feet  15 feet 20 feet 
A Zones  22 feet 20 feet  25 feet 
A-1 Zones 17 feet  20 feet  25 feet 





2. Front yard setback for detached accessory structures:
    Residential Zones: 20 feet
    Agricultural Zones: 30 feet
3. Street side setback for detached accessory structure: 15 feet
4. Street side setback for detached structure next to a key lot: 20 feet
5. Basements in accessory structures count toward floor area ratio.
6. Play structures have different setback requirements and may be encroach within the front yard and street side yard setback area under certain conditions.
7. Distance between the main house and detached accessory structures is a minimum of five feet.
8. Small, portable storage sheds less than 6 feet in height, not attached to the building, permanent foundation or pad may be closer than five feet to a main house but not closer than 3 feet to any property line.