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Signs in Residential Zones

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Signs in Residential Zones

Chapter 19.104: Signs includes regulations for all types of signage allowed in the City of Cupertino. Signs are vital ingredients in promoting a successful and healthy business community while enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the City. The Sign Ordinance provides the regulations that the City has adopted to ensure that signage does not impinge upon the aesthetics of the city, does not inconvenience the public while balancing the need to convenience the public and provide for competition among businesses and identify each business. Therefore, the kinds of signs allowed in residential areas are different from the signs allowed in commercial areas.

Signs that promote community and safety, such as garage sale signs, real estate signs, street address numbers, etc. are exempt from permit requirements as long as they conform to the regulations of the Sign Ordinance. For more details on these, please check Section 19.104.100: Signs Exempt from Permit Requirements.

Signs are also allowed temporarily in Residential Districts. Please check the Sign Ordinance for details.


  • There may be limitations on the duration of types of signs that are specified in the ordinance.
  • If a temporary sign is placed within the park strip, permission of the property owner adjacent to that park strip should be obtained prior to sign placement. If the sign placed is a political sign, the permission of the property owner or resident that resides immediately adjacent to the park strip, must be obtained prior to sign placement.