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Single-Family Residential Development

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R1 single-family zoning districts are intended to create, preserve and enhance areas suitable for detached dwellings. These districts are meant to enhance the identity of residential neighborhoods, ensure provision of light, air and a reasonable level of privacy to individual residential parcels, ensure compatibility of scale of structures within residential neighborhoods, reinforce the predominantly low-intensity setting in the community.

All parcels zoned R1 must be constructed or remodeled in accordance with the R1 Ordinance

There are different processes and permit requirements for One-Story Homes and Two-Story Homes.

R1 Zoning Districts

There are specific zoning designations within R1 which have different design requirements or development regulations.

Zoning  Designation 
 Zoning Definition
 Single Family Residential District - Minimum lot area corresponds to the number (X),  multiplied by  1,000 square feet
 Single Family Residential District Restricted to One Story (not to exceed 18 feet high) -  [minimum lot  area corresponds to the number (X), multiplied by 1,000 square feet  preceding the ‘i’ symbol]
 Single Family Residential Eichler District (6,000 minimum lot area)
 Single Family Residential District with Semi-Rural Characteristics (10,000 square foot  minimum lot  area)


R1-i - Single Story Overlay District: Areas in the city where neighborhood residents limited development to single story and 18 feet in height. If you are interested in creating a Single-Story Overlay District, contact City staff for additional information and directions. 

R1-e - Eicher Single Family Zoning District: This is a small area of the city where the predominant architectural style is Eichler.  See the Eichler Building Design Requirements in the R1 Ordinance for specific development regulations.

In addition, the City developed the Eichler Design Handbook with the residents of the neighborhood to aid current and future developers of property in this zone to preserve the Eichler style of architecture.

R1-a - Semi-rural setting in neighborhoods with large lots. This is an area of the city where the residents approached the city to modify the regulations to allow semi-rural development in the neighborhood. See the R1-a section in the R1 Ordinance for the specific development regulations.