What's happening at Vallco?

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3. So, why is there construction activity at Vallco now? 
  • The property owners have a separate project approved under Senate Bill 35 (SB 35). There is an ongoing legal challenge by a citizen group regarding this approval. More information about the Vallco SB 35 project is available at www.cupertino.org/vallcosb35

  • For Frequently Asked Questions about SB 35 and the Vallco Town Center SB 35 project, please click here.

  • For information about construction activity at the site, please visit FAQs/Permit Activity – Vallco Town Center


What's happened so far?

The following is a list of projects that have affected the Vallco Shopping District since 2015:

  1. The Hills (2015) - Hills at Vallco
  2. Measure D (2016)  - Vallco Town Center Specific Plan Initiative
  3. Vallco Specific Plan (2018) - Vallco Town Center Specific Plan
  4. Vallco SB 35 (2018) - Vallco Town Center Project Pursuant to SB 35 (includes information regarding litigation by Friends of Better Cupertino)
  5. Specific Plan Referendum (2018/2019) - Vallco Town Center Specific Plan Referendum


Frequently Asked Questions:

The following are responses to Frequently Asked Questions about the various projects considered at the Vallco Site:

  1. 2018 Specific Plan FAQs
  2. Vallco Referendum FAQs
  3. Vallco SB 35 FAQs
  4. Current Building and Demolition Permit Activity for SB 35 project